Island in the Sun Harry Belafonte

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C Dm F G7

Island in the Sun  Harry Belafonte

CThis is my island Fin the sun
Where my G7people have toiled since Ctime begun.
CI may sail on Dmmany a sea
Her Cshores will always be G7home to Cme.
COh, island Fin the sun,
G7Willed to me by my Cfather's hand
CAll my days I will Fsing and praise
Of your G7forests, waters, your Cshining sands.
CAs morning breaks the Fheaven on high
I G7lift my heavy Cload to the sky.
CSun comes down with a Dmburning glow
CMingles my sweat with the G7earth beClow.
CI see woman on fbended knees
G7Cutting cane for her Cfamily.
CI see man at the Dmwater side
CCasting nets at the G7surging Ctide.
CI hope the day will Fnever come
That G7I can't awake to the Csound of a drum,
CNever let me miss Dmcarnival
With calyCpso songs philoG7sophiCcal.
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