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Company (www.i-jumponline.com )

Our mission is to create the most exciting online experience for Users and our Members, including offering specialised SME (Small Medium Enterprise) business opportunites for investors online.

Our goal is to enrich the User experience by providing our Memebers with the opportunity to own a part of the social media experience. Users by becoming members will actually own part of the Social Media Platform allowing them to invest more in their own experience.

We also provide SME businesses with the necessary tools, training and understanding to compete and communicate online against Rich large Companies, Corporations & Mega-Corporations. Providing Specialized Investment opportunities, Marketing tools, training & Social Media Groups.

We pride ourselves in the due deligence, care and detail to which we have embued all aspects of our company and this design focus is how Users / Members & Small Business make our platform the best experience possible.

Our company is focused on providing a specialized Social Media experience with simple easy to understand SME modules that are actually ready to start “business opportunities” for the small investor. As all members own shares in the social media platform we can gaurantee longterm excitement, richness & security.


Founder Adam Rangihana.



Welcome to our Company website. We are dedicated to growing our platform for all internet users and small business investors around the world.

As you know recent commercial changes to Facebook & Twitter have created too much white noise on these platforms which has severly affected the experience of these Social Media Sites. Unfortunately Google+ never got it right. It was unable to replicate the richness of the multilayered social media experience and all though their are great posts, pictures & videos their platform is distant and does not have the engagement it could have.

So change now and experience the diference.

All the best.


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