Penelope sings 007 Goldeneye

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Penelope Sai sings 007 Goldeneye

Penelope Sai is an Australian jazz artist with a big passion for spy movies. Throughout her career she has created a large following even winning a number of awards for her singer and songwriter ability in Australian music. In her latest compilation Penelope was finally able to celebrate her love for spy music in a collection of cover songs all inspired by some of her favorite James Bond themes. With a carefully selected group of theme songs from some of the top classic and modern James Bond movies, Sai took to the studio to create her own beautiful versions of these hit theme tunes.

One of the tracks that Sai is most proud of on the album is the theme to goldeneye originally created by Bono and The Edge in the year 1995. This fairly modern goldeneye theme song was produced for the Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan. Song originally by Tina Turner this theme song has been covered famously by bands like Ace of Base. Although it may not have risen to the superstardom as some other themes, is unique and demonstrates a powerful vocal quality. Rising to the charts of number 2 at its peak in the United States, the goldeneye theme did have some hit potential. The Penelope Sai version is definitely a hit however. With a modern reworking of this fun theme song for a bond movie, Penelope Sai lends her own vocal qualities to the film and changes the nature of the song considerably for the cover.

If you love the film goldeneye you should definitely take a listen to this wonderful update to the goldeneye theme song. This compilation would also make a worthy gift for any fans of bond or an excellent treat if you are a fan of the Bond theme songs specifically.


Penelope sings Goldeneye James Bond 007


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