Up on the Roof The Drifters

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C D Em G


Up on the Roof  The Drifters

By daniel mchugh
Capo 1 ***
In solo ) means bend upwords
GWhen this old world starts Emgetting me down
And Cpeople are just too Dmuch for me to face
I'll Gclimb way up to the Emtop of the stairs
And Call my cares just Ddrift right into space
COn the roof it's peaceful as can be
And Gthere the world beEmlow don't bother CmeD
So Gwhen I come home feelin' Emtired and beat
I'll Cgo up where the Dair is fresh and Gsweet
I'll get away from the Emhustling crowd
And Call that rat-race Dnoise down in the Gstreet
COn the roof that's the only place I know
Where Gyou just have to Emwish to make it CsoD
(Lets go up on the roof)
) ) )  
 Solo -----4-4-4--6--9-8-------------9-8-------------4---8vvv-------|

CAt night the stars put on a show for free
And Gdarling you can Emshare it all with CmeD
I keep on telling you that
GRight smack dab in the Emmiddle of town
I've Cfound a paraDdise that's trouble Gproof
And if Gthis old world starts Emgetting you down
There's Croom enough for Dtwo up on the GroofEm
Up on the CroofD
Up on the GroofEm
Up on the CroofD
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