Tequila Sunrise Eagles

Discussion started by Adam Rangihana 2 months ago

A Am B Bm C D D7 E Em Em7 G

Tequila Sunrise  Eagles

GIt's another tequila sunrise
DStarin' slowly 'cross the AmskyD7,  said goodGbye
GHe was just a hired hand
DWorkin on the dreams he planned to AmtryD7,  the days go Gby
EmEvery night when the Csun goes down
EmJust another Clonely boy in Emtown
And Amshe's out runnin' D7round
GShe wasn't just another woman
DAnd I couldn't keep from comin' AmonD7,  it's been so Glong
GOh and it's a hollow feelin'
DWhen it comes down to dealin' AmfriendsD7,  it never Gends
AmTake another Dshot of courage
BmWonder why the Eright words never AmcomeB,  you just get Em7numb A
GIt's another tequila sunrise
DThis old world still looks the AmsameD7,  another Gframe
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