B. J. Thomas Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song

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Somebody Done Somebody Wrong
recorded by B.J.Thomas
written by Chips Moman and Larry Butler

C                F
It's lonely out tonight
And the feeling just got right
For a brand new love song
F                       C
Somebody done somebody wrong song
C             Em
Hey won’t cha play
        C             C7       F
Another somebody done somebody wrong song
And make me feel at home
                Dm   G7             C
While I miss my baby while I miss my baby
So please play for me a sad melody
   Am                          C    Dm
So sad that it makes everybody cry-y-y-y
G7                          C
A real hurting song about a love that's gone wrong
      Am                      G7
Cause I don't want to cry all alone
repeat #2

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