You Don't Know Me Ray Charles

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A7 Am C C/B C6 Cm7 D D7 Dm Dm+7 Dm7 E7 F Fdim G G+ G7

You Don't Know Me  Ray Charles

(G)You g(G+)ive your haCnd to me,CM7 and then you C6say, "Hello,"CM7
F Fm Fdim(III) Fdim
And I can hardly speak, my heart is beating so;
And anyoCne can tell A7 you think you Dm7know me well,G7
But you don't knE7ow me.A7 Dm7 G7
(G)No, y(G+)ou don't kCnow the one CM7 who dreams of C6you at night,CM7
F Fm Fdim(III) Fdim
And longs to kiss your lips, and longs to hold you tight--
To you, I'm jCust a friendA7; that's all I've Dm7ever been,G7
But you don't kCnow me.Dm7 Fdim C
F Cdim(IV) Em7 Bm7-5 A7
For I never knew the art of making love,
Though my hFeart ached with Glove for yCou;
F Cdim(IV) Em Bm7-5 A7
Afraid and shy, I let my chance go by...
The chDance you miD7ght have loved me, Gtoo.G+
(G)You g(G+)ive your hCand to me, CM7 and then you sC6ay, "Goodbye.CM7"
F Fm Fdim(III) Fdim
I watch you walk away beside the lucky guy,
To never, nCever know A7 the one who lDm7oves you so.G7..
No, you don't kCnow me.Dm7 Fdim C
(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Last Verse)
No, yE7ou don't knA7ow me.Dm7 G7
To neCver, nC/Bever kAmnow A7 the one who loDmves Dm+7you soDm7...
Fdim Fdim(III) C Dm7 Fdim C
No, you don't know me.
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