After the Lovin' Engelbert Humperdinck

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After the Lovin'  Engelbert Humperdinck


G7So I sCing you to sC/Bleep Am7af - ter theAm7/G lov - in'

With a sDmong I just wDm+7rote yesterdDm7ay,Dm6

And I hDmope you can hDm+7ear


What the woGrds and the G7+music have to saCy.

G7It's so haCrd to expC/Blain all the thAm7ings that I'm Am7/Gfeel - in' --

Face to fDmace, I just Dm+7seem to go Dm7dry,Dm6


But I lDmove you so Dm+7much

That the soGund of your G7voice can make me hCigh.C7




ThFanks for takin' Cme on a oFne-way tGrip to the suCn,

AmAnd thanks for Am+7turnin' Am7me Am6 into a Dm7someone.G7

G7So I siCng you to sC/Bleep Am7after the Am7/Glovin',

And I bDmrush back the Dm+7hair from your Dm7eyes,Dm6

And the lDmove on your Dm+7face is so reGal that it mG7akes me want to E7cry.


And I kFnow that my F7song isn't sEaying aE7nything nAmew,

Oh, but aFfter the lGovin', IF'm still in lGove with yCou.Cdim

So I sDing you to sD6leep Dafter the loD6vin',


And I bBmrush back the hair from your eyBm7es,

And the lA7ove on your face is so real that it makes me want to crF#7y.

And I kGnow that my sGmong isn't F#7saying anything neBmw,

Oh, but aGfter the lAovin', IG'm still in lA7ove with yDou

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